Ventilation, conditioning, filtering of air

We offer professional solutions for the ventilation, conditioning and filtering of air. We fulfill projects from the scratch up to delivery of all equipment


Air Filters

Air filters Camfil (Sweden) and others for all kinds of the HVAC systems, aspiration systems, air intake systems of gas turbines and axial compressors, for molecular filtration, sterilization tunnels, spray booths, HEPA/ULPA air filtration, for nuclear industry and clean rooms of pharmaceutical, microelectronics, bio labs

Air cleaners

Air cleaners Camfil (Sweden) and Island Clean Air (Canada) for the printing houses and packaging industry, for the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, for medical, commercial and official rooms, museum funds, archives, libraries, for restaurants and bars, fitness halls, offices, smoking rooms, for living rooms, apartments, houses

Air humidifiers

Compact and powerful humidifiers JayBird (USA) for the printing houses and cellulose manufacturers, wood processing, furniture industry, greenhouses and vegetable stores

Raw materials and equipment for packaging production

We offer the best solutions for production of packaging and labels


UV varnishes, coatings and adhesives

Hi-tech UV varnishes, coatings and adhesives for printing industry and graphic arts produced by SCHMID RHYNER AG (Switzerland)

Water-based varnishes and primers

Hi-Tech water-based varnishes, primers and adhesives produced by SCHMID RHYNER AG (Switzerland)

UV inks

UV inks of the highest quality produced in the UK by Paragon Inks using advanced dispersive technologies

Press-room chemicals

Fount solution concentrates, cleaning and washing agents, additives for printing inks and coatings, anti set-off powders on vegetable basis produced by Bernd Schwegmann GmbH (Germany)

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets for both sheetfed printing houses, corrugated board production, web printers produced by Stratis Plastic Pallets (USA)

Self-adhesive materials

Self-adhesive substrates in reels for labels printing. Non-standard solutions for printing of premium-class labels

Transportation and logistic services

We offer complex solution for door-to-door delivery


Collection of cargoes in Riga

Own customs warehouse convenient for the gathering of any kind of products and equipment

Multimodal transportation around the world

Multimodal transportation from the USA, European countries, China, South-West Asia, Africa, the CIS countries. Shipping and handling of sea containers from any ports of the world. Deliveries by road and rail to Russia, the CIS countries, the countries of Central Asia

Insurance, export paperwork and customs clearance

Creation of all necessary export documents. Registration, certification, insurance of goods. Receiving of the GDR and DTS for deliveries into the Customs Union. Customs clearance in Russia and Belarus


SIA Atlantic Group supplies markets of the Baltic States, Russia, the CIS and Central Asia countries with filtration, humidification and dehumidification equipment, removable air filters for HVAC purposes and air-intakes systems of gas turbines, axial compressors, turbo-expanders.

We calculate, design, install and maintain dust collection chambers and air handling and treatment systems.

Another the company's business is the delivery of the most advanced solutions for the production of packaging and labels. The company traditionally supplies the equipment and materials of the best manufacturers worldwide.

We carry out the entire range of services for the delivery of our products and third-party cargoes from all over the world to the CIS countries, Russia, the countries of Central Asia.